Friday, May 29, 2009

| exams and flaming rats

You didn't actually think that I was gonna show ya a flaming rat was I? Tsk tsk tsk~ How naive young people are these days. First off..


Secondly. As previously mentioned in the previous post written previously on some privy day, here are some more things one should partake and/or consume before leaving Melaka. Observe;

homemade roast pork (sau row)

yee kiaw (fish slices) crispy prawn noodles

Available from morning to noon only, this little yee kiaw crispy prawn noodles thingy has been my staple meal for the past one week. If you like crispy prawn in your prawn noodles, you MUST try SOME of this GOOD FOOD®. Speaking of eating this delish SGF®, allow me to rant on the parking capabilities of the owner of this vehicle. Observe;

Yes, it is parked. Yes, it is parked by a snobbish looking middle-aged woman. Yes, we arrived after her and left before her as she was taking her unbelievably sweet time eating so much so that by the time my dad and I were done, she haven't even touched her coffee yet. Seeing how such a being can be soooooooo uneducated, illiterate and just plain ignorant and inconsiderate really *irri's me a lot~

awesome parking skillz

Makes me feel like trapping it like a rodent and torching it. Speaking of which last Saturday, mom complained that she saw a rat in the store room and asked me to set up the trap. I did. Following morning the rat was neatly trapped in it. It was cute. Observe;

what's that? a cutie-looky thingy?

it IS cute and adorableeeee~ eek eek eek~

What happened next, IMAO, was the better method than the ones suggested, i.e carbon-monoxide poisoning (thanx j.leong), and boiling hot water (everyone else). For me? I choose to be different. I choose to take a step further because, if it's worth doing, it's worth over-doing. Observe;


Fast track to Thursday....

Was rather fruitful too. Helped beloved CF'er shift her stuff to her new home and for a pint-size gurl, she has a whole load of things. Not to mentioned she was previously residing in an apartment. Observe;

see all that? yeap~ that's hers

To celebrate (almost everyone's) final paper for the semester and also to give a simple farewell to those who were leaving, half of the CF people went out for a simple makan and movie. Where in the world can fit so many hungry rowdy people??? Observe;

amigos.. where the food is more expensive but not as nice as wok and pan

*with cute voice* tertypoop~

After a not so satisfying meal (my cheesy-baked rice was far from cheesy), we headed to GSC at DP (and no, GSC and DP are not the acronyms for... nevermind) to catch an old nonsensical, plot-riddled, time-traveling pitch about fate; Terminator Salvation. Observe;

once again, immaterial things prevail against ana-chan~

Yes to my viewers outside of Malaysia, Ana-chan is at a legal age of consent. *koff* Back to good ol' Termie.

If ya take the movie for what it is; a simple, action-packed, pop-corn cruncher, it does its job well. Sure there are cheesy lines here and there but hell, it's much better than time-traveling. However, there's but one regret from the movie. Nearly at the last scene when..


A CGI Arnie, which is much like the CGI Rock from mummy, appeared. The camera spanned slowly starting from his bare-nekkid legs and moving up slowly... and at that moment, I was blinded by a disfiguring bright white light...

A sensation of peace lingered...

Emotions never felt before overwhelmed me...

Arnie has no ding-dongs...

Instead, it was replaced by the machines with something equally brutal and bloody...

Observe... at your own risk.


Blinded yet? Heh~

Will miss all ye who'art leaving. :) Nitezz~

* the word irri was coined by jess. all rights reserved.

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