Monday, May 25, 2009

| sim pork curry wan tan sour cream dip

So yea. Shame on the pirates who put up The Sims 3 by EA Black Box two freaking weeks before the scheduled release. It is my duty to therefore, track down the source of the crack and to do that, I needed to get my hands dirty...

pre-celebration retribulation


So most of the people my batch are graduating soon, leaving me all alone. Being unable to extend any emotional response outwardly to the world around me due to upbringing and psychological conditioning is tough for me.. real tough because deep down inside, I'm feeling all sad and blue - and that is hard for people to fathom. Don't blame them though cause candy mountain does exist.

----------------cue random pic mode----------------

Things you JUST MUST EAT before leaving Melaka.

Ho-G's Char Siew Fan (be warn that the lady can be a little nutz)

the true curry wanton mee opposite nine-storey flat

----------------end random pic mode----------------

The other day while studying, Ess-Oh and I had the urge for some nachos in sour cream dip. Coincidentally, dad wanted to go Giant and thus, we tagged along and got ourselves sour cream and cachos (the cheaper equivalent of nachos).

Got home, dug up some suitable recipe from the wet world wide web. Changed the recipe to suit Malaysian taste and our effort-to-worth ratio. So our sour cream dip is made of;
1. sour cream
2. olive oil
3. garlic
4. cheddar cheese (lots of it)
5. salt and pepper
6. parsley

Stir hard and long (naish~). Microwave on High for 30 seconds. Stir harder and longer (veli naish~). Put in the fridge till it cools down and settles. Take it out and stir. Serve with your cachos for Some Good Food®

nothing like cachos and sour cream for awesome win

charlie the unicorn should try this

Well. Tomorrow (or more precisely, today) I'll be sitting for my last paper for the semester then I'm off to meet my Academic Advisor who's also my Final Year Project lecturer to kick-off my project.

Timmy: But why so early?
Me: Well Timmy, because it's hard.
Timmy: Hard?
Me: Yea, hard as in......... heh~
Timmy: Difficult?
Me: YES! Difficult. You lil' smart rug-rat.
       Difficult and two semesters long.
Timmy: Why is it long and hard?
Me: ...... because.. my topic.. is..
Face Recognition for Smart Kiosk

Me: And I have to built the face recognition engine for identification purposes which is helluva lot harder than verification purposes. sigh~

Wish me luck folks. Nitez and outz~

p.s. timmy was not harm in the process of writing this post
p.s.s eating cachos with sour cream dip while watching the black gay guy grill some red meat on license to grill WILL MAKE YOU JIZZ!! (you have been warned)

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Aarogon said...

damn.. making me hungry early in the morning aint cool bro~

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