Sunday, June 29, 2008

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Last Saturday a group of us went to Seremban to minister and lead worship for Esther's church. We didn't really gave ourselves a name but I'm thinking somewhere along the lines of "Eshter and Best Friends". Yeah~

awesomess maximuss parkingess

It was truly a blessing to minister to those guys and I believe that though through a minor culture shock, the baptist church took it well and really opened their arms to us. We didn't get to eat Seremban crabs but the awesome beef noodles and hakka min is good enough.

awesome beef noodles come with peanuts

Esther Dear lives in a AWESOMELY HUGE BUNGALOW humble home made perfectly for a family of four. Her parents and brother are a really welcoming bunch, especially the mom who was really proud of her longan tree. In front of her house, there's this stray dog and her puppies which are sooooo adorable. All of them are black except one.. which is brown.

*gasp!* you scandalous wench!

Thanx Esther Dear for taking us around. Though it's already one week past, the memories of it endure. Free huggiess from him and I~!

starbucks <3

Good nite peeps~

p.s. the following kills brain cells.. watch at your own discretion..


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it seriously kills brain cells. -__-" wuuuuu.

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