Saturday, February 13, 2010

| aeon jusco melaka is explosive!

See what I did there?

So just the other day (last Saturday to be precise) my parents, one tremendously lucky girl, and myself decided it was high time to visit the newly opened Aeon Jusco oh the second day of its opening. I guess 'high time' isn't appropriate eh? Our primary objective? Two words: Papa's John.

Filler Paragraph 1: Awesome beer advert (wish it exists in Msia)

Or was it Papa John's Pizza? It's all so confusing D:

Being the ever clever family that we are, we decided to park at the nearby taman to avoid the crushing traffic jam that usually associates with Melaka being unreasonably jakun when it comes to big ba- malls.. yes, malls.

Filler Paragraph 2: Awesome card trick.. like, seriously dudeeeee

Arrived at Papa's John. It's a pizzeria that's apparently famous (like Starbucks) in the US. "If the US can make Avatar, they can make anything happen."- Dr M. Lol.

Papa John's Pizza

In your mind right now you're asking, why would my family, one known to be penny (and pound) wise, fight through heavy traffic just to see a mall? We don't like malls. Well.. at least my parents don't really fancy them. I'm young. I'm hip (spoken with jess' indian accent). Well, it's because the manager of Papa's John wanted to treat my family to a free meal.

You see where I'm going with this? heh~

So I'm gonna give you a breakdown of what we ordered and how good (or bad) it was using bombastic and grandiloquent words as well as jargons that most food bloggers would use. Stuff like "it's delectable" or "I just love the eggy and starchy texture of the gravy.".

Condiments: Jalapeno and garlic butter sauce

Japalenoes weren't as spicy as I hope and thought it would be. The manager informed us that it's imported from, get this, China. Figures eh? What of the garlic butter sauce? It was truly awesome! I dipped almost everything in that sauce (except my drinks). It combines 2 of my all-time-favourite-things: garlic and butter. Best of all, it's free flow! XD XD XD

cola float with vanilla ice cream

It's a float. How else could it taste?

Seafood Platter

Ummm... *googles food bloggies* I just love the eggy and starchy texture of the gravy prawns, fish cakes, and squid rings. Yea~

Cheese Sticks

It may cost nearly RM7 but damn those cheese sticks are good... either that or humanity is powerless against the drawing might of cheese- good cheese, ftm ftw kthxbai.

Pepperoni & Mushrooms Pocket Pizza

It taste like pizza with pepperoni and cheese. You're better off ordering a real pizza. Seraiusly~

All The Meat /w 9" Thin Crust

Now we're talking. Beef pepperoni, chicken roll, beef bits, Italian beef sausages, and ground beef. What's not to love about that eh? Especially the thin crust. It's so gah~!

Fisherman's Catch /w 9" Thin Crust

Hmmm.. Shrimps, tuna, crabstick, green peppers and onions. Got turned off when I saw the crabstick. Only saving grace? Cheese and thin crust ftw~

Bill Round 1

So after stuffing ourselves silly, we felt that we could fit more in this custom-made Liu's family stomach and decided to order more stuff of awesome pizza... stuff. Yea~

Super Papa's 12" Original Crust

Beef pepperoni, Italian beef sausage, chicken rolls, mushrooms, green peppers, onions and black olives. This pizza is comparative to the typical Pizza Hut's classic pizza with one major difference: this taste waaaaaaay much tastier and the cheese is real mozzarella, not some fake pizza cheese. Yes, there's such a thing as fake pizza cheese.. wontdieone.blogspot promotes healthy eating and education.

Snow Balls

A dessert that has some sweet mix fruit at the bottom, ice cream of choice, with strawberries at the sides, topped with whipped cream and cherry. It tasted as told. Not that special (and honestly) not really worth RM7.80 imho. Fortunately, that didn't deter my mom, dad and Ess-Oh (not in frame) from having a great time.

it's cherry poppin

without him, no free meals indeed

Alas, the final total of our dinner (inclusive of apple juice that's not in frame) is.. especially if your math and memory is quicker then your finger scrolling down the pageeeee~~~


All in all, the meal was delicious. Some of things aren't really worth it like the seafood platter and the pocket pizzas but the cheese sticks and the real pizzas were very very much the awesome. Thin crust ftw~ Also not forgetting the juicy Jalapenoes and the omgiblewmahbrainsout garlic butter sauce.

took out 4 rounds of jalapenoes

So if you're asking if I would return to dine in this respectable establishment, the answer relies on two conditions:
     1. If someone else is paying, yes.
     2. If I score a huge bonus (like, freaakin hugeeeee bonus), yes.

Good nite peeps~

omg spider webz

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