Friday, February 19, 2010

| the retrospective lesson

Some very... very very very special people got me a wonderfully lovely gift from their trip to Bangkok a few weeks back. It's hard to describe in words what that special something is or how it impacts my daily life from here on (and very possibly so) till the day I return to the earth, fed to the sharks or cremated and have my ashes fed through the air conditioning system during the ceremony.

it's a pair of boxers

They comfy. The extra pockets in.. strategic locations helps tremendously (especially for a guy like me *winks*).

Anyway. Woke up this morning and saw my family's golden retriever, Gloria waiting outside of the gate for her daily fun. I opened the gate and decided to play some fetch with her. A couple of neighbours passed by looking at me. I politely returned a smile thinking to myself, "Ah.. what a lovely, friendly neighbourhood this is".

the princess with the biggest drainage

Came back in, took a shower only to realize, I was playing fetch with Gloria wearing this cute, pinkish princess boxers. From here on, my saham in this neighbourhood will either skyrocket or plunge through the outer atmosphere and be burnt to crisp by the massive pressure and friction of atmosphere re-entering.

The Lesson:
      Don't wear your pink boxers while playing fetch with your dog.
         It ain't cool.

p.s. i'm wearing it now

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Cinyi said...

lol. nice boxers B-)

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