Wednesday, February 10, 2010

| a month's never late

I seem to be pulling these long hiatus in between posts a little too often then the usual eh? I apologize for the lack of update. Sorry, maaf, toui poo chee, toui mm tze, yamaha, suzuki.. I'm as sorry for the lack of update just like Toyota's sorry for the late action towards the massive global recall of hybrids. Eat that Prius- go go Honda FCX Clarity! Imma fan! Yes! Like the one on the ceiling.. and stuff..     D:

Well this post is gonna be about the holiday that my family had at Sabah. Most of you reading this have already probably heard of almost everything that happened there (either that or you're just not interested in the life of little ol' me... hulk sad). But rather than do the usual loooong winded post, I'll just dump all 51 pictures and put captions under each one of them while ya'll use your imaginations (clean imaginations if possible) to make up the story.

Speaking of images..

BRACE FOR IMPACT!! (picdump begins)

awesome brandname

Cititel Hotel, Kota Kinabalu

Ess-Oh and her bro, our host

tolerance, not compromise; the glue to unity

1st night dinner

kampung nelayan

steamboat.. 1.5/5 on price-to-worth score

probably most of the money paid goes to this

its so ex, it makes me ):S watever that means

resort in the place where j.thien's church is located

owh haiz

imma big crabs.. no, not the STD

"this is an eagle", says Ess-Oh

caution.. it be dangerous

mid night snack.. with lots of farting consequences

small bro, big bro

2nd day lunch, salut

hugeeeee shells

menu (check out them prices)

don't eat meeeee

prawns and shells

moar shells

crabs again.. the edible ones

healthy fish

the jetty

owhai kthxbai

afternoon nap

i *heart* japan

wassup niggah??

nite minum begins! btw, floating cube ftw

happy hour, happy hoegaarden baby~

round 2, the loft

you know its british when they serve free beer tomorrow

gotta love irish crema ale

bloody maries (2 only actually) for the lady

i *heart* my margaritas

next morning.. hmm.. looks fine

what's left of the famous tuaran mee

bro's awesome pose

island hopping on a rainy day

max length of sucking-in-belly: 32 seconds

3rd night dinner

crabs again.. and again, the edible ones

last day's breakfast, kk's famous beef noodles

it's so good, mom does kung fu

secret to every success: have large b*lls

revisiting filipino wet t-shirt market

bro:shy, mom:persuasive, dad:encouraging, me:entertained, ess-oh:meditating

family picture :D

last day's lunch at KK's KFC.. taste much better because it's not peninsula-tainted

Thanks for the awesome time dear. Loveyoulots~

Here's one for ya~

Gud nite guys~ D:

p.s. next update won't take that long i promise i hope~

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