Monday, March 10, 2008

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There's this particular shop that only opens during dinner time that is located along the road going towards my house from anywhere except Malim and Cheng. Yea~

surprise new contender beats old dudes

I've eaten here many times in the past but never seemed to consider its char siew to be an A grade porky-goodness. Previously in my personal title for Best Char Siew Fan goes to Melaka Baru and the runner-up for the seat would definitely be the one in town that opens near mid-night. 2nd runner-up would go to Bear Hills and so on.

new contender for the seat!

Guess the complacent runner-up thought that its position is secured and built itself a stronghold to keep enemies out only to realize too late that it has trapped itself within its own walls.

Two words.
Deep metaphor.

Now I definitely have to say that this Ho-G restaurant thingy deserves a seal of Some Good Food® and though is currently seating on the runner-up seat, if it continue to put on that awesome food service and taste, I won't be surprise if it beats the Melaka Baru char siew fan who currently holds the throne. But for now I'm still going for the best and the winner of Best Char Siew Fan place.

double portion of fatty char siew

Char siew fan for dinner, two nights in a row.

. . . . . . . . .



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