Friday, July 04, 2008

| dan dan dan dan wuuu~

Oh, why hello there little fella. What are you doing, extra tasty cheddar cheese all wrapped up in lovely strips of streaky bacon? Aren't you a tease. Pan-fried-tease. Kill of the fried and you'll get Justyne's in-game WoW name, but that wouldn't be fun now would it?

A whole day of rain means a few missed lecturers and I feel sad. Bacon and cheese is my solace. YOU PEOPLE CAN'T JUDGE ME!! *hugs bacon tightly*

. . .

My precious~

Having very little additional nutritional value, it does little good to the brain. Chances are, it'll screw it up more than one can imagine and by the time you've realized it and desperately try to stop the onslaught on your frail mind, it's too late..



Andrew Liu: BUZZ!!!
NZX Great: aper
NZX Great: wah bodo sial ur avatar
NZX Great: wuuuuuuuuuuuuu
NZX Great: hahahahaha
Andrew Liu: put eett onnn

NZX Great has declined your file transfer.

NZX Great: NHO!!!
Andrew Liu: wayne n justyne put ad
NZX Great: NO!!!!
NZX Great: RESIST!!!
NZX Great: NOOO!!!

NZX Great has declined your file transfer.

NZX Great has declined your file transfer.

Andrew Liu: XD
Andrew Liu: XDXDXD
NZX Great: NOOOO!!!
Andrew Liu: wuuuuu
Andrew Liu: WUUUU~
Andrew Liu: WUUUUUUUU~~!!!

NZX Great has declined your file transfer.

NZX Great: Nooo...wwuuuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuuuuuuu....NOOO!!!
Andrew Liu: take eeetttt
Andrew Liu: XDXD

You have sent 1 photo to NZX Great.

NZX Great: WUT HAVE I DONEEEEE?????? dan dan dan dan dan wuuuuuuu
NZX Great: assimilate into the McD franchise


Now.. For the final blow~

*drum roll~*


Owh noess~ It's be traps!!

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