Thursday, July 10, 2008

| men wont pay 23 bucks for char siew

Leave two guys to make dinner for themselves and the result would normally have something that goes along 'unhealthy' and 'helluvah tasty' whose origin normally comes from some dark corner of the freezer or fridge. I can vouch for that.

burn the bacon baby!! BURN THE BACCONNN!!!

was in freezer for a few months... i think

might not look like much.. but it's good

On other news; the prestigious title for Best Char Siew Fan that was previously held by Ho-G who serve Some Good Food® was toppled by the 1st runner up, the Melaka Baru Char Siew Fan Peeps after Ho-G made me pay RM23, yes, twenty-three precious bucks for Char Siew, Sau Row, 6 Water-dogs and Mei Chai for two people, which blew my mind away and effectively dethroned them from Best Char Siew Fan, so congrats, Melaka Baru Char Siew Fan Peeps!!

its still like soooOOOoooOOoo good~

On more recent news, MMUcf-born band, PG165 launched their official website and their first EP, on the 5th July 2008. Their CDs are selling like hotcakes for RM12 OMG OMG OMG I GOT THEIR AUTOGRAPGHS!! so grab them before they're out of stock. For more info, visit

PG165 - Let It All Out

It's so good, that unbelievably metro people like Lulus, and Vain bought them too!

moove - certified

Nite peeps~

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