Tuesday, January 01, 2008

| so long 2007 and hello thar 2008

Another year has come and gone. With 2006 ended in the flood. And this year like the flood, it too has come to a pass. With 2007 dried up and gone, here's a recap of what happened in 2007.

the end of '06 Christmas Cantata

the carols of the bells

the aftermath of Christmas '06

the LAN party

the new system

the new sunway lagoon

the first ever risky stunt

the glorious puppy

the burfday elaine

the pg165 roadtrip

the start of it all

the burfday cp

the over-priced trinite '07

the president

the invasion of vista

the mission

the RM70 shogun buffet

the RM950 BOSS GT6

the making of the core

the catalyst

the worship team outreach (WTO), june '07

the dear friends, july '07

the new w810i

the Band, 40 days of fast and prayer aka WTO2

the intone

the darth malak

the new blade

the start to something beautiful

the Youth Pastor School, August '07

the graduation

the CF 10th Anniversary

the marketplace

the white birthday

the home

the expensive thingy

the Malacca Camp

the Genting Trip with family

the Band practice, aCt '07

the thing that of which is beautiful

the burfday, huiyin

the burfday, ana-chan~

the farewell to Barney

the buffet of sibaraku

the Band

the dearest friend

the end of a Christmas thingy

Blessed New Year peeps~
wontdieone out!


shulin286 said...

Happy new year to you, my dearest friend. May this year be much much better than previous years. Hehe. Wow.I got 2 pictures here eh. Hehe. Good luck in your exam. Take care. Lookig forward to see you more often in this year. Missing ya alot alot here. =)

auseniale said...

awesome post!!!

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