Saturday, June 21, 2008

| nobody likes a rat

Saw a rat/mouse creep into my room one day and I said to the little rodent,

       "Thou dareth trespass into my abode? Dost thou not fear me?"

And it ran out. Borrowed from the beautiful and lovely paddlepoppers the rat-trap; traps rats every time (mice are seasonal though). Set up some smelly salted fish (sorry wayne, justyne) as bait and true enough the next morning, I've got a little gift awaiting me....


Since I was alone at home, I figured I'd just let it out somewhere in my taman's playground but yet, I was worried if it'll get caught and cruelly killed. Thus, I thought of taking it upon myself to put it out of its misery ala lobster style but the darn rodent wouldn't sit still. Plus, mom will kill me if I'd use any one of her blades.

Last resort - a quick and fiery death.

salut dengan coklat nyam nyam~

=the end=

I'm off to Seremban to see Esther Dear's parents to discuss of our future.

Good nite~ heh~

1 comment:

shulin286 said...

Kesian the rat. End up being a roasted rat. =( Hehee...

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