Wednesday, June 18, 2008

| the un-holiday week: part ii

Once again I've been lacking on the update section of this blog. Been rather busy with things and though the it's the first week with no tutorials, it's still rather un-holiday for me. I shall now talk solely all-positive stuff about my holiday in Kota Kinabalu (no emo and rant) and chuck a whole load of bandwidth-munching pictures.

Good luck.

Early Friday morning Air Asia flight to KK and a short drive to 1Borneo and we reached our hotel, Tune Hotel. I kinda like the concept of 'no-frills'

unfinished but rushed for soft-opening, 1borneo

hmmm.. looks like air asia fonts and color..

i so dig this

small room but big bed for bigger action

Later that evening, we went to check out the Filipino Wet Market and grab some giler expensive seafood there because honestly, we're just a bunch of dumb tourist who are easily konned. Next morning we walked around town and grabbed some quick Hainan Chicken Rice, went to check out locations on the tourist's map and Sacred Heart Cathedral turned out to be a letdown.

we paid RM65 but bro swore that he saw someone paying RM5.. hehe~

kota kinabalu has pyramids, melaka has balls - FTW!

must... resist... saying... something stupid

That night we ate more seafood but this time, it's more commercial. We ate at Fish & Co that's in 1Borneo; bro and I paid RM140 for it. There's also a very cool Japanese all-RM5 shop called Daisho in the furthest end, on the highest floor of 1Borneo. It's cool because it's Japanese. Why, you ask? It's because..

And with that in mind, brother wasted spent his RM5 very well with this nifty lil' thing he bought from there.

it's gonna be legen- wait for it..


Next morning we took the free shuttle from 1Borneo to Warisan Centre and walked all the way to Jesselton Point to catch a boat that'll take us to Sapi island and Manukan island. The decision of spontaneous and not planned but bro and I snorkeled on the waters of both island and we got burnt for it. There's nothing like white skin in the shape of a 3-quarter pants.

saw some graffiti along the way

the jetty of jesselton

mom's hair was saying, "WHEEEEeeeeeeee~~"

lovely manukan island

We headed back to town grabbed some of KK's Bak Kut Teh. Back at 1Borneo, the lovely people of Starbucks and the Starbuck's family were kind to us.. waaaay kind to us.

world! that some small soup

lovely sun over the city

mm mmm~ gotta love *bucks

thanks moi moi~

Next morning, Jeremy was kind enough to drive us around and for that, he got a donut for his effort. He took us to the museum, around town and to eat some funkee mee called tauren mee (purposely misspelled for stef) for dinner.

jem boii~

hav a donut

the skeleton of the whale be cool

classics are always entitled for a pic

After a spending the evening looking out into the lovely streets outside 1Borneo, the following morning, Jem took us to eat some nice cheap crab, RM15 per-kilogram! After that we chilled at Tanjung Aru, hoping to catch a glimpse of the sunset before leaving this lovely city. Unfortunately, due to uncontrollable, evil plot against my family, we could see the sunset and headed home on our delayed Air Asia flight. Touched-down home in Melaka at 12.10am.

lovely city lights

cheap food here we come~

crab crab crab~

near sunset

Sorry for the lack of updates and the crammy post.

Good nite and hello Cleo~

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