Monday, June 02, 2008

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For the past few months, World of Warcraft just got bigger and badder with the addition of the Epic Twelve Inchers guild. Before I go on, let me introduce myself;

[trailer starts]

Join the Epic Twelve Inchers today and enjoy great benefits!!

My name is Wontdieone. "Funny name", you might think to yourself but I guess while still human, my parents must've foreseen the destruction of Lordaeron led by the Dark Knight Arthas of the Scourge whom through the cursed blade Frostmourne that's under the influence of the powerful Lich King who sits on the Frozen Throne and in his war, made countless of mindless undead minion who's will bows solely to the Lich King, thus making me, literally, Wontdieone (there's always a Spirit Healer nearby).

get assistant in quest and leadership training skillz!

But I.. I am different. I struggle to fight for my free will as the call of the Lich King still echoes in my tattered soul. No longer am I part of the Scourge; I am Forsaken and my queen is who gave me back my freewill is Lady Sylvanas, the Mindless Banshee, The Dark Ranger. As an undead and a rogue, I hide in the shadows and fight the war for my Queen, for my will, the Will Of The Forsaken.

[trailer ends]

. . . . . . .

Anyway, so yea, the Epic Twelve Inchers guild recently had a few new comers whom we helped as much as we can. They are; Moriande(Job L.), Tanthelys(Jonathan L.), Thianna(Elvi), and Delystia(Elys). Thianna is my apprentice rogue-in-training. I shall teach her to hide in the shadow and of course, the ways of the The Behind.

join in the epic mud-wrestling!

Bleh~ Tomorrow gotta take care of a bunch of kids. Hopefully I haven't lost my charm. Need to wake up at 7am, reach Equatorial hotel at 8am, take care of more than 10 kids from 8.30am till 9.00pm.


join the guild and run epic raidz!

Owh well~ As they say, Less QQ more pew pew~

Nite peeps~ Blessed Hols again~

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