Tuesday, August 12, 2008

| agent smith said hi

A funny thing happened when I logged on the ever sucky/disconnecting Suxmyx® after a few good hours of solid no-connection-for-no-reason-watsoevah; a whole bunch of people on YM had a picture of a retard that looked rather familiar at first glance and to my horror, it was none other than..



hehe~.. this can't be me.. right guys..?

Ahhhh~ That evil twin of mine. Always getting himself into those kinda weird trouble that I'll never EVER get myself into. Hahahaha~ Reminds me of that time when Agent/Virus Smith infected everyone in the Matrix.

hehe~ Thanks for the good laugh Wayne. That was so sweet of you bro.
[wayne has dedicated an entire post to me on his blog..]
[i'm sorry gals, it has been confirmed.. he's gay]

Be prepared for retribution.. in the future.. Mwahahahaa~

Shout-outs to the boy who shares the same birthday as me;


faceplant ftw!

      It's my hope and prayer that you'll continue to grow in maturity in Christ our Lord and come to know Him as I do. When you do, you'll understand what it is to offer your sacrifice of worship to Him; to give Him something that's of worth. Keep on rocking boy~

Nite guys and thanx again~ God bless ya all~

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