Friday, August 22, 2008

| a week of things

Why does it always seem like the next day is busier than today? Anyway, here are some of the things that happened within the span of a week. Whether it is worth anything of interest or not, I'll leave it up to ya'll to decide.

the rat bit the mouse

joel has a colorful side

the population of FIST in MMUcf = 3

loi's bak kut teh, number one choice for burfday dinners

got trashed even though it's 2 days after my burfday

my lovely cg had faith that i'll turn up for cg

family has many august babies

joel shed a tear for the new phone

sometimes they look like twins

youth camp ppl loves pastor joanne

lendu's el sanctuary camp site rocks!

why? because nothing beats sushi for dinner!

final year missions peeps '08

a taste of love to come

And before I forget,

Blessed Burfday Check Waii & Fehleesheyah!!


Tzeh Wy

It's been one busy week of assignments, mid-terms, and lab test.
     Of driving people around, ministering and serving.
     Of choosing, script writing and song composing.
     Of understanding, caring and trying to do what Christ would do for people despite the circumstances and against the tide.

I need break.

super wedgie ftw!

Good nite peeps~

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