Friday, August 21, 2009

| untold tales of a scripter

Working with scripts is like working with the other gender (do note that I did not specify which gender it is as this blog does not promote sexism in form or matter); you just can't understand what goes on in their tiny little one-line codes. Well. Not till they burst out in an thunderous tsunami of hormonal error messages which points to the part of the code that's working perfectly fine. Which is why my department, the Infineon Malaysia Information Technology Operational Services Desktop Office & Automation Client Services department consists of a high skilled workforce, moving and executing our tasks with fluidity unlike anymore... fluids.. and stuff.

the team... the A team...

Okay~ That was so 1990s.. and they were truly awesome!

Anyway, on some days I dread facing my little lappie; wondering what new error code I'll get, wondering what other typo mistakes I've made that effectively makes my script a certified virus.

i used to think vista suckalot


im positive vista suckalot

Some days when I think my script is ready for a test launch, I boot up the test pc, remote control it from my lappie, push the files in - hard, runas admin and brace for impacttt!! >.<

I shut my eyes tightly as the script looks back at me with its awesome fury

After the dust settles and the radioactive particles evenly spread across the now-turned wasteland of ASCII symbols, I opened my eyes and behold;

The command failed to complete successfully.



Back to work~

p.s. no script is bug free (unless of course it's made up of one line)

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