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| ever wonder what nadaje meant?

Blessed Burfday Jason Leong (4th Aug)
Blessed Soon-to-be Burfday Vinci (6th Aug)

my new favourite pic

1 month+ of training complete and another 3 more to go. I guess doing my training here again this time around is much more pleasant compared to my last training in my diploma years. This time around I have more real work that's relevant to my studies.

overview of melaka baru

To say everything is okay, however, would be a lie... cause every thing's great. Other than some annoyance that I have to literally bear with; things like the thermometer on the aircond is set to the lowest and is pointed directly overhead of my colleagues, effectively blowing it straight on top of me which then makes me unbelievably cold. Now, ya see folks, I can stand cold; my ego is big enough for it, but seriously, this is ridiculous. Thankfully, I have my trusty thermos-bottle thingy to keep me warm~

doesn't matter what i put in it;
everything taste better in a starbucks

Not only that, I have this colleague of mine from UTEM who's also doing her industrial training here and as always, to protect the identity of those who appear on my blog, her name shall be withheld.

Nurul Fadzilah Abdullah, 22

So where was I.. Oh yea, I have a this colleague from UTEM and thanks to her antics, I get a good dosage of laughter. She majors in Database Management, IT, so it wouldn't be wrong to assume she is computer-literate right? To a certain point yes.

Ya see, the other day she wanted to call up Genting First World's booking line and the number had a (+65) in front of it. Therefore not knowing where (+65) is I suggested googling it up to her.

She did.

In fact, she literally googled the number '65' and was severely disappointed with the results for it showed everything but the location of the country code.

I lol'ed- hard~

Owh btw~

tuggy has a new homeee~

The other day, one of my sisters, Rebekah (Tan) was down in Melaka, freshly graduating from her Diploma in Hospitality at Taylor's College. So she picked up another one of my sister, Sandra and we had dinner at Wok & Pan.

I had medium rare steak.

And no, it didn't (and could never) match up with the Super Legendary Epic Good Food® (SLEGF®) steak from Baguio.

rebekah tan, 16 (not available till i see otherwise)

So yea, back to my sisters. After dinner we went across the street to Nadaje which in the Ancient Tongue of French roughly translates to;

'the one with the expensive cake who will not let you use their table unless you order a drink (no skyjuices) of which all costs a minimum of RM3 kthxbai'

Why yes, I was making that up. What gave it away I wonder? heh~

rebekah tan, 20 (STILL not available till i say otherwise)

In anycase, the cakes were really good but overly expensive. Unfortunately, RM8 for a puny slice of good cake doesn't out-weight their *shiety service. Fortunately, no price is too high to pay to spend some quality time with my sisters of whom I hardly get to meet these days.

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Thanks for layaning an old dude like me who's life is slipping away like sands of time through the cracks of a hand. I'm truly blessed.

*this blog is firmly against using vulgar languages like shit and has therefore changed the words shit to shiet as if it'd make the slightest difference

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