Friday, September 25, 2009

| in this sleepy lil town

good girl.. good girl~

NOT THE NECK! NOT THE NE-ahdsgghhhjff *blood spewing*

It was a pretty relaxing two weeks I guess. The raya mood just loves to kick everyone where it they're most vulnerable and pleasurable. Vunerable because it's easy to feel lazy. Pleasurable because it's... I see what you did there... pleasing.


Manage to secure myself a day off last Friday, board a broad bus at 8.30 in the icantbelieveiwokeupsoearlyonanoffdaykthxbai morning, planted my butt and crack nicely to avoid the sores of a 5 hour journey to a land far far away. To keep the location secret (terrorist, they're rampant these days), lets just call the place *Kuantan.

that's sum loooooong bbq

There isn't much to say about *Kuantan other then it's similar to the other sleeping town I know of; vacant streets and sleepy people. Nothing much has changed too, other then the new East Coast Mall which is a copy pasta of *Melaka's Dataran Pahlawan, without McDs and a cineplex. Seraiusly~ So rather then boring ya'll out with cliche' pictures of sceneries etc, I'll just post cliche' pictures of food instead.

*kuantan laksa (copy pasta of penang laksa without prawn paste),
rated 3/5 of the Laksa Scale~

asparagus with pork strips, rated 'meh~'

fish in spicy sauce, rated SGF®

king prawns in creamy spicy sauce, rated SAGF®

kong pow sharks meat,
rated i-doubt-its-real-sharks-meat-for-it-costs-a-mere-rm10

*kuantan bak kut teh, rated 3/5 of the BKT Scale

fried grouper with special thigh mango thai sauce,
rated SGF®

honey chicken, rated SAGF®

butter prawns, rated SAGF®

Well, that's all I have for food. Kinda forgotten to take pictures of the other food stuffs but I guess they're not that important for the SGF® title. What else did I do in *Kuantan... Other then monkeying around and going to see 'em beetches beaches and parks. I pretty much stayed indoors, watching astro and spending time with mah Ess-Oh. Starbucks at East Cost Mall sucks charisma and friendliness.

munkey lurvs flurry

what would i do without ____

Went to one of the parks and I saw this,

that's a lotta stuffs for a park

*looks left*

. . . . . . . empty

*looks right*

woman. . . . . . . and empty

Mah Ess-Oh assured me that the stuffs are there and that the park is so wide, the stuffs becomes small. See the logic there? *does the Kanye West thingy*

Well.. at least 'em beaches are nice.

succumbed to cliche' scenery

Boarded the bus at 2.30pm, planted my butt and crack nicely to avoid the sores of a 5 hour journey to a land called home. Parents were meh~ overjoyed to see me and as predicted to Ess-Oh and her mum, I had this for dinner that night.

Some Awesome Char Kuey Tiow®

black burnt satay

All in all, I'm just grateful that it was a pretty decent, relaxing trip. A nice short holiday before I continue my struggle till the 24th October and so on and so forth. We chose the life we're living.

thanks mah dear

Me. Outz (or more like, back to work)

*not real location name

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