Monday, September 07, 2009

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The last 3 weeks was, for a lack of a better expression, nuts. Not just any nut - no, not macadamia nuts too. What does macadamia nuts have anything to do with my point? Other than the word 'nut' in it to express 'unsound', it's pretty irrelevant actually.

how many years has it been, ai?

est deer (estimate deer)

These pics are kinda long overdue so if it is a little old for your taste, I sincerely apologize. Here's a cookie. If you don't mind it then please continue reading the post. Here's another delicious, mouth-watering, macadamia virtual cookie.

the WLs *twitches eye at wayne*

the guitar wielders

For the past 3, three, tiga (not to be confused with a tiger, native to eastern and southern Asia), the CS team of Infineon (trainees dragged along included) have been working overtime (with no OT pay) for this little thing called the asset audit. As the name suggest, we audit the asset, asset audits us, vice versa. No mastercard.

It is dreadfully tiring.

*Krazathan, our scripter and dear colleague left

One of the Mondays (the one with CF's Melaka Camp), three brave souls whose names starts with the letter 'J' from CCC made our way to the sleeping town of Seremban with the intentions of a better sound in mind. Me, having a good 2 years of wonderful experience in Seremban took them to eat some Seremban beef noodles (hakka mee wasn't appetizing enough for them). Along the way we discovered a few unusual things.

blow-up chicken (no wiki-link provided. PG-friendly, remember?)

twisted tuning heads

hidden messages on shoes

sudden urge to group up and take a random family photo

silhouettes of TOW

And the strangest of them all was how a whole plate of marmite crabs went from this

how can anyone not know what bovril is

to this


Among other interesting things that happened in the crazy 3 weeks were

new cubicle and new lappie, a HP EliteBook 8530p

picture with Miss Bunny Swan

Last Thursday has got to be one of the more interesting CG I've had in a while, all thanks to visitation from an old friend, darth ma-lak

don't drop it! it'll melt right through the table and floor

Watching juniors suffer eating the ma-lak has always entertain me. But as entertaining as it was, I've always held up to one my principles whereby if I wanna do it to others, I must be willing to be done. With that in mind, we seniors took a dose of the deadly ma-lak too.

tough little angel, she amazes more and more each CG

It was just as hot as I recalled, deadly hot too I might add but somehow, more bearable compared to the last time when I first ate it. I believe Syl felt the same too. Perhaps it's due to the hardening of our tongues (not scientifically possible).

Later in the weekend a whole group of CF'ers went to eat some Japanese buffet at Sibaraku. Didn't know about it though. My family and I went to Elder Wong Fook Meng's house for some simple and nice barbeque for the young working adults; Italian noodles with lots of cheese and fried bee hun, wings and lamb chops,fried potato thingies, garlic butter prawns and chilli squids.

the flames of the night

I found myself enjoying their company as they discuss highly intelligent things such as wine and women, power and politics, business and economy, faith and fraility. Joining in their conversations made me realize one thing.

I'm getting old.

And that makes little ol' me sad. T^T

Blessed Soon-To-Be Birthday W.FM~!

Owh yea~ I found an out of place sticker behind an interesting object..


That's all for this post I guess. Gotta get back to work.

*name withheld to protect identity

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