Wednesday, September 16, 2009

| what goes around comes around.. and bites

Not much into talking about celebrities and things pertaining or related to celebrities. Reason being most of the topics discussed can be easily thrown into But this is one is rather special.


2(two) reasons.

Reason 1(one). My Ess-Oh suggested it to me and contrary to popular belief, she gives awesome youtube video suggestions. The last video she threw at me through ym promised Taylor Swift clothes being ripped in two and she gets wet.. as in reaaal wet*.

Reason 2(two). After reading reason one, I believe my point has already been made.

Looking for that video on youtube is hard due to the ammount of other nonsense people add into it. Fortunately, this was the best vid I've found that has little crap in it about the poster's thoughts.

That and with the sad passing of Patrick Swayze who is immortalized in his work in Dirty Dancing and everyone's (personal) favourite Ghost, I figured I'd post this up (courtesy of

And obviously, no such post is ever complete without another throw at some sparkling vampires. Say 'sparkling' in the ghey'est way possible. Do it. Do it now.

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