Thursday, February 23, 2006

| im not dead yet... really~

First off, I'm have to say sorry to all my faithful, loving, fanatic readers out there for not updating for such a long period of time (5 days to be exact). I've been so drained from that Post NOC Syndrome or PNS (sounds closer to something else eh?). So now, I'm here to say that I'm back on track and posting babeh~ Have fhuuun reading ya?

For the past 3 days I have been ifflicted with bird flu broadband flu and couldn't connect to anyone at all. It was a very, very lonely 3 days. *sob* I miss all of you soooo much~!

So, mainly this post is on NOC4. Sorry for the quality of the pics, I got it from bro's Olymwuss digicam. Strangely enough, he has 8 megapixels at his disposal and only use its power on pics with him and the gals. ahaks~

Hope you'll enjoy this post as I took a lot of trouble to get this pics uploaded to that blarrdy photobucket thingy. No words - just pictures.

Well.. now it's the time forrrr... *drumroll*

(it means ATTENTION larr~)
56K modem user warning (it's gonna take some time)

To all those who were part of the NOC4 production.. you guys did a
great job!!

And to my fellow band-mates. Truly, from the bottom of my heart.. you guys

another line in the list of successful nocs..
great job Grace~

All glory be to God~


reenz said...

wah nice!!! pics u dapat from who? i wan~~ hehe

WontdieonE said...

got it from sean lee~ if u wan those pics ask from him k? but some of them the quality not as good as i expected larr~

reenz said...

wait for him..wait forever also wun send laaaaaa..haha

WontdieonE said...

haha~ pity u then~ :D

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