Sunday, February 12, 2006

| now remember kids...

NOC4 is just around the corner and everyone's on their toes.. or hands.. whatever. Anyway, as everyone knows, NOC4 is a big production. With big budgets, big cast of actors and actresses, big scores of melodies and musicals - I'm talking big baby~ So with those huge figures and all, it'll be a serious disaster if anyone makes even the slightest of mistakes. Therefore, here are a few of my reminders to those who are part of the NOC4 Production. hehe~

when dancing, don't tangle up your legs

please do get into your correct positions

no fooling around okays?

don't get knock out by the crowd

lastly, don't trip over other people
this image is the 500 mark on my photobucket album..
if i were to add the previous photobucket album,
the total would be around 700++

If you're wondering, those are actually statues. Artistic bunch of people huh? So please do work hard for NOC4 everyone. Lets make it great so that on that night itself, we can truly say, "We are one tonight!". Good nite peeps~

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