Friday, March 10, 2006

| everyone can sing! except me~

Yaya~ I've been sesated for quite sometime. Been very busy with many uni stuffs. Heck, I have 5 blardy projects this semester mann! What in the world are those admin thinking?! But thank God those big CF projects like NOC4 are long over.

I just came back from a competition. A singing competition to be exact. It's MMU English Language Society : The Stage. Initially, I was supposed to take part but I didn't, as it was quite rushing and I received some wrong info concerning it and now, I'm regretting - a lot! Why? Because the grand prize is cold-hard-cash; 400 buck-a-roos~ I know I sound like some money-minded freak, but I assure you, I'm not. Hehe~

you rocked dude~ all thanks to that guitar.. hehe~

Fortunately, 2 other CF members took part, namely Justin and Wayne. Justin was up first and he played Collide. Unfortunately, due to some technical error, he wasn't able to perform his 100%. The jack had some problem and after quite a long time, they resorted to do it unplugged. I don't know if anyone could tell, but I felt that he was distracted by the initial problem and couldn't really concentrate on the song. He could've won mann~ A serious waste but nonetheless, you rock Justin!!

he was jackson, now he's buble'

Wayne on the other hand, fared better with his Michael Buble', Kissing A Fool. He won the damn competition dammit! 400 buck-a-roos went flying away from my grasp. *sob sob* Just joking. I'm actually, seriously happy for that dude. He has always wanted to prove his talent to people and now, he finally did it. Not only did he won cash, I bet his 'saham' sky-rocketed after that fateful event. Good for you dude~!

the fools.. and we didn't kiss~

Another 2 people who made it in the finals were friends of mine. Well, actually only one of them is my friend, the other is my good friend's sister. Chua Ee Jin's gal, Anne and his sister, Hui Ying both took part and *ahem* Anne did much better than his sister. Hey~ Atleast I'm honest right? Happy for you dude! ahaks~

Well, as much as I wished I'd join the competition, in the end, I did not. I'm a loser~ A coward~ A failure~ I know I could've atleast got 3rd but it doesn't matter. *sob sob* Oh well, I don't care. There's always next year right? *looks to the sky* Ahhh~ Yes, there's always next year.

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