Friday, March 31, 2006

| mid terms, proms, and things like chemistry

I'm quite envious to see most of my friend's mid term is already over. All that they can think about now is the upcoming fiesta and prom and here I am sitting in front of my computer, studying my ass out for tomorrow morning's paper. yay.... *sigh* This sux~

But alas, there's still hope. There's always another tomorrow and after tomorrow, I'll be a little free for awhile. Next paper is on the 7th so I guess there's time to play so games and stuff. Speaking of games..

Two games that I'm definitely gonna get after my bloody e-Commerce paper is over! I don't care if I have a paper on the 7th, I'm gonna get Elder Scrolls IV : Oblivion! Neverwinter Nights 2 will have to wait, it'll be out during summer. No, not Malaysian summer. Malaysia's summer is everyday frickin (hot) day. Everyday, that is till God decides to pour some heavy rain on us, dried out creatures 3 days in a row.

I'm looking for Elder Scrolls IV now but it seems it's not out on the, *ahem* market yet. I'm trying to download it via torrent, but it's a whopping 4.18GB and after downloading 5 days in a row (minus my dc-status for 2 days) I'm only at 3.6%. Whoo-pee-doo~! ... *sigh*

Just got myself a haircut. Dad and bro got one as well. Actually, we had our haircut at the same time and I'm talking in circles. Circles sounds like circus doesn't it? Nevermind~ *Relient K's Gibberish playing in the background* People commented that my hair was too long and I looked scary and stuff. One of the worst comments I had was that I looked old.. and that came from my sister. *sigh* After much thought, I decided to get a haircut.

before - old, scary, lame

after - cute, cuddly, cool

Wow~! Don't I look young and vibrant?! So full of energy, jumping around like a bunny! Cheerful laughter resounds, "Hehehehe~" "Hohohoho~". Okay, that was kinda scary. Almost sounds like an episode of (evil) Teletubies. But seriously, I look years younger. In fact, I look like a secondary school student. Hehe~


Okay, so there isn't much of a difference, I admit it! Dammit! Dad's before and after wasn't really astounding too but bro's.. well.. have a look for yourselves..

before - brother

after - Ju On?

Damn, that aunty is good~


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