Sunday, March 12, 2006

| people destroy themselves

Why the title you ask? For fhuunn~ Just feel like putting that as a title, that's all. A basic fact that can be easily understood.

looks like a scene from some cheap horror show

Animals are a fun thing to play with. No, I'm talking about torturing them or anything like that. I'm a nice guy okay? Hehe~ Exotic pets are classified into 2 types. One, the always-moving-around-nice-to-play-with pets like snakes and ferrets. Two, the uber (yes, i said uber) cool pets-that-are-boring-but-look-cool-wearing-sun-glasses like scorpions and tarantulas. Three, the uber cool nice-to-feed pets like Alligator Snapping Turtle and the latest dubbed-coolest-by-me, Ornate Horned Frog aka Pac Man Frog.

pac man meet bull frog, bull frog meet *gulp~*.. nevermind..

Why call it Pac Man Frog? Because it practically eats anything and everything - no kidding. It's mouth is half the size of its head. Imagine your head from side view; now picture your mouth reaching to the middle of your head. Got that? That's a Pac Man Frog. Today I got the chance to see my father feed it - an American Bull Frog. A bullfrog for crying out loud! Cooool~

~change topic~

Today I had satay celup for dinner. My mom had just got back home safely from her trip to Singapore and so my dad decided to have something nice for dinner. The choice? The food that Singaporeans utterly hate fear - satay celup~ To them, satay celup is a disgusting food but still, they secretly come over to Melaka just to have a taste of it. One can tell, that they are Singaporeans; dress rather decent, having 2 to 3 kids, and above all, followed by a maid that's sitting outside their circle, staring into space. I pity the maid.

such a lovely meal no? hehe~

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