Sunday, March 19, 2006

| when the world caves in

It seems that my previous post hurt someone. Though it was written out of frustration with the world, with empathy, and with love - people still do get hurt. I'm in no position to say who's right and wrong but, I'm sorry. One man's meat is another's poison. The man who made gun powder didn't expect it to be used in war. The man who made the machine gun meant for it to end all wars. Let me be in that list too then.

I was talking to my sisters. They have non-Christian bf and we talked about that topic for quite sometime but they mentioned something that I can't deny; "Sometimes, non-Christians are better than Christians". It's true you know, whether you like it or not. Still, in the end, I do know that we have one thing in common - we're still humans and humans make (a lot of) mistakes.

There's such a degree unfairness and hypocrisy that's going around but it's nothing new. It's an age old tale. Favourtism. Cliques. It has always been there. Gossips and back-stabs will never end. As much as we deny, we are all guilty of it - all of us.

As I have come to understand many years ago, most of these things weren't done intentionally. Nobody truly wants to back-stab others. People do their best to avoid favourtism. And everyone tries to do what they say. But most of the time, we fail - it is inevitable. After all, we're only human. *sigh*

as agent smith told jfk, "Only human"

But as I told GerX. What separates Christians from the rest, is that we have hope. We sure as heaven are not perfect but we have hope. We try. We do. We fail and we keep on trying again. I'm sorry to those I've hurt and there are many. To those who feels that the world treats them like shit, God loves you - and that's all that matters. Have hope people~

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