Tuesday, May 16, 2006

| Am I Tree?

So FYP's done. Big deal (i so love to say that now). Still, the problem's not over yet. I'm in some very hot spicy chicken soup as englishmen would put it. Why? Two reasons.

1) I haven't started studying for my exam yet.
2) I haven't found a job for my Industrial Training.

Yeap, you heard me right. I MUST find a job now! If I don't.. *shiver* I dread thinking of it. If only those employers knew me personally. I'm such a sweet, nice, hardworking, fun-loving, hardworking, cool, hardworking dude. Who wouldn't wanna hire me eh? ahaks~ Unfortunately for us all, life is tough. Yeap~ As tough as eating banana split ice-cream through your nose. So to who ever is reading this, please, please, please pray for me to find a good job ya? Getting accepted is a difficult task. But as a wise person once reminded me, "Difficult? Difficult is cakewalk for you. This is, Mission Impossible~".

Good nite peeps~


richard said...

wah..andrew r the best.who edited for u one??? really a nice pic...

WontdieonE said...

i editted myself larr, then? hehehe~ my brother help take picture, the rest i do myself~ :D

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