Monday, May 22, 2006

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Remember back when we were young, say, primary school? Remember entering that dreaded Standard 1 classroom? I don't. Seriously, I don't. But what I do remember is taking a simple Qamp;A stuff, what are your parent's name, how many siblings do you have, and the most thought provocative one; what do you want to be when you grow up. Yea~ I remember that one pretty well. 3 empty blanks ranked, 1st choice, 2nd choice, and 3rd choice. Now that you mentioned it, it looks like some application of courses in some university. *ahem*

Anyway, like any young naive kid, filled with an awful lot of hope and petty dreams. I wrote: Soldier, Policemen, Doctor.

Man, oh man. Was it gullible or what? Soldier? You're lucky if you even get to be a Ranger. They'll throw most chinese to do desk jobs with super low pay. Policemen in my mind was a man who stood up and preserved justice.. if you flash the correct greens. ahaks~ And lastly, doctor. At 7 years of age, everyone wants to be a doctor but nobody knew how much many one must fork out to get into that line. Nobody knew one had to spend a minimum of 7 years studying. Nobody knew things could get real bloody and the government is a rip off.


Life's full of uncertainties. It sucks to be an IT student.


NoShitSaint said...

Being a Ranger or a Para isn't that difficult, provided you get through the physical tests.

Especially the Paras or the Commandos. What's difficult is getting higher than Cpt. in a combat branch of service. The only LTCs and Bgdrs. I've seen who were Chinese were in the Medical and Dental Corps.

WontdieonE said...

Yea~ The physical test are quite cool though. Run/swim x number of laps within x number of minutes. I went through the same thing while in NS.

NoShitSaint said...

Yes, but your NS PTs are pretty much kuchibrat stuff compared to what the Commandos or PASKAL guys go through.

What's more is that the tests are usually just qualification to enter the program.

WontdieonE said...

haha~ our PTs are actually juz the same test to GET into the army. Commandos are a far different story. By the time I was done swimming that blardy lake I was already out of breath.

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