Tuesday, May 30, 2006

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I'm sure everyone is bored of me ranting about how Streamyx suck big time bla bla bla, but.. you know.. it's just.. argghh!! I have only a week of holiday left before I'm off for my Industrial Training in Japan and I would really enjoy having my connection so that I can connect with the rest of the world. I've endured 2 days of connection-less state and I was gonna go cold turkey soon. It's 4.30 on a Tuesday morning that I get back my connection. I just hope it'll last long enough.

Anneeweii~ I was kidding about my Industrial Training in Japan thingie. As much as I would like to go there, I can't. My placement is here in Melaka, right where I can afford. Infineon accepted me and I'm gonna get paid RM350 per month. Yay~! So after 3 months of Industrial Training, remember to ask me to belanja makan ya? If you guys forget then sorry larr, I'll forget too.

Since it's already 4.40am and I'm super bored, I'm gonna display my wish-list just so that if you have soooo much money and have no clue where to spend it, here are things you can get for me. Hehe~

Listing from most wanted :
- DVD-ROM (burner would be a plus point)
- AGP 12x Graphics Card or
- A nice new digital camera (preferably 5 megapix with anti-shake)
- If can't afford the above, a nice camera phone with 2 megapix.

There, not too much right? Good nite morning peeps~

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