Friday, May 19, 2006

| lalala - fixed

Yay~ It is fixed. See, FIXED. Muahahahahaa~

Unfortunately, the connection seems to really suck, and I mean really.. suck. Initially I thought it was just me and my lil' house having this problem. Ya' know, the old, "Life-hates-me-so-much-it-took-my-connection-away" thing. But after much meditation (and studying), I hear cries of other innocent victims of these bad-connections. Remember Suxmyx®? While some haplessly whither to the ground, powerless, others took up the fight and started talking about suing tmnet and stuff.. *ahem* So basically, connection sucks and so does life. Wait, life rawks mann. I mean life is like, really really good. It's the honey on the grilled chicken. It's the zero-fat chocolate. It's.. it's good. Yea~

At least I did somehow manage to fix my blog. It runs pretty well on Firefox in 1024x768 resolution and I'm happy.. for now. Hehe~ Nite peeps~

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