Saturday, October 06, 2007

| crisis and cries

         Oh exams, oh exams. If only such horrendous memories of you can be erased and be non-existent will there be peace in the minds of this generation. Such that we question the use of memorizing the lessons we learn and the practical usefulness of the scribbled paper that we shall receive at the end of our journey as a university student. The rat race calls. The rat race calls.

       - excerpt from Hamlet: Tales of Bacon and Cheese

Christmas comes early at home

While my mom lay on her bed deep asleep, a suspicious looking lorry parked in front of our beloved home and unloaded a big chair that has a strange controls on it that does weird stuff to your back, legs and feet. Worst off it... felt good. Talk about an awkward moment with a chair. Surprise for my mom would mean a good dinner at Carry On.

rule of thumb: go for the beef and bacon

Nothing much to say about the dinner, other than the beef was not tender as it should be and the bacon taste so good with margarine, I wonder how it'll taste with butter. Oh yea, forgotten about garlic oil. Dip bacon in garlic oil, fry it on margarine. Ooo yea~ Show me the fats baby!


======= intermission =======

got lunch?

======= intermission =======

It wasn't me! It was...
*said in deep darth vader'ish voice* THE EXAM FEVER!



Had the chance to feed my Alligator Snapping Turtles again. Was shopping in Giant with dad and amongst the random stuffs we bought were 4 sardines for them carnivorous turtles. And you thought sardines were just for us humans. I have two of these turtles at home and one of them broke my old aquarium.. but that's a story for another time. Nasty lil' critters. heh~

if you keep clicking on them long enough, they'll blow up

I can't wait till they grow up all big and stuff and then I'll let them out at night to guard the house against them thieves and robbers. I heard they'll do a much better job than Hellhounds and stuff. Just hope they won't eat Gloria while we're sleeping. Hmmm..

Oh well! Keep up the good fight peeps and don't let the exam fever to get ya!
Good night and God bless!

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