Friday, October 12, 2007

| burning them fire

Was pruning the mango tree outside the house. Too many branches overloaded with leaves that bear no fruit. Rather than let those branches suck up precious sunlight and nutrients, I'd rather the good stuff go to the good branches. Call me bias but even Jesus used that as an analogy. So with most of the branches collected in to two big bags, the remainder had no where else to go. Dad suggested burning. Me smiled.

solid fuel brings much fun

The thing about these Hexamine solid fuel tablets is that, it's a little more dangerous than it looks. When it catches fire, it will lit up with a feint blueish fire that's VERY hot. So yea, dangerous. Passed a box to Elysia for her to use in Malacca Camp. Now wondering if I should handle it instead.. wouldn't want anybody to get hurt ya noe.

suffice to say, even the wet branches burnt crisp

So that's that. Now for the more relevant stuffs that I'd normally write about.

richard looks either offended or constipated.. hehe~

workshops aint workshops without music and games

Had committee planning the whole day yesterday. Well, the actual planning didn't span the whole day but our other activities did. We planned for next semester, undergo an eye-opening workshop by David from FES, and we cleaned up YAC and got her ready for the next semester. The things the committee does for the comfort of the CF members. Appreciate it! heh~

Since we finish cleaning up rather late, the option to go back to grab a shower would only be reserved for the rich and picky. Rich because I can't bring myself to ride home, shower and ride all the way back to Bear Hill. End up chillin' at the Happy Guys' house and grabbed a quick nice cold shower. Had a good dinner - 2 plates of Char Kuey Teow and Some Good® Popiah.

Main event of the day for me would be devotion with Ps Joanne. There's always something extra to learn when doing devotions with her and in a group. Plus, it's more fun anyway. Spirit-filled, passion-burning, and anointed-hands.

Lets enjoy our holidays whilst expecting a great semester ahead of us. Tiring as it will definitely be, know that in all that we do, we do it for His glory.

God bless and good nite peeps~

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