Monday, October 01, 2007

| its a sunday but a technical monday

Reading this blog requires a little brain-processing action. Ya see, by the time I'm done writing this post, it's already the next day, BUT, I'm usually writing about what happened the previous day which is like, today- to me, at least.. I guess..

Wait, let me check.. *scribbles on calculator*

Yeap~ To me, Sunday midnight. To you, early Monday morning. Thus when reading, think; Sunday midnight - not Monday morning. A 'YAY!' to education!!

so much for being Dr. House

I guess one of the many worries that come to mind during the exam period are failing and the future. Thus, ever being the encourager of sorts, I guess it's about time to give some motivations..

... at the end of this post. heh~

Once again, it's been weeks since I get to see, much less touch my wives. It's always the case of being on duty to play on Sunday or for CF and then having no transport to bring my babies back, I'm forced to leave them behind in Bear Hill. What's worse, it could be sitting behind a vehicle (my guess being an Unser), left exposed under the mercy of the scorching sun and the freezing rain. heh~ But I guess it's my fault in the end too for I'm responsible for their well-being.

beautiful guitarist's fingers

It's the exam week and the best de-stresser I have in my arsenal of de-stressers are my guitars. With the exposure to Hillsong's Savior King album, I've been playing the electric guitar parts on the acoustics. Lincoln Brewster ain't helping too, mind you. In fact, Lincoln Brewster gave me those fingers. Avoid attempts to play fast electric guitar solos with an acoustic guitar. They burn~!

AOG's 50th Anniversary (Southern branch)

United AOG churches. Well, I grew up in a independent church and just a couple of years back, I've moved to an AOG church. Recently, a friend of mine, a guy and his wife whom I have utmost respect for in terms of faith, music skills, voice talent and seriously cute kids; they too moved to an AOG church. Something about AOG these days eh? Anyway, his wife updates her blog much more frequent than him (busy guy).

they came home..

After dinner, went to pick up my wives from Bear Hill since it's on the way from town. No more burning fingers! Practicing new tricks on my axe in preparation for the coming (hopefully) new guitar. hehe~

So though you're all studying very hard out there, don't forget to take a dose of de-stress pills and for some serenity, seek God - He's always beside ya all. :)

God bless peeps and good nite!

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