Monday, October 15, 2007

| finally - holiday (?)

After the horrendous exam week..

After the week of non-existent feeling of freedom..


On this very day..



The ticket to freedom and fun..

Is in your hands..




So yea, I'm leaving to camp tomorrow (or today, date thingie again) and I won't be back till Thursday.. or Friday, depending on my mood and the hospitality of my host. hehe~ Before I go though, here's a little advert for a little someone important to me.

Name: Jacy Cheah Su Pheen
Age: Like fine-wine
Location: Not to far from your hearts
Sex: yes, please Female.. the last time I checked
Character: Simple, caring, bully-able, does things she will regret to her hair
Personal Notes: Very good and fresh. Single the whole life. Saham is teh high!
Score: 9.999/10

In stores now! Get yours today!

Hehe~ Luv ya gal!

See you peeps out there on Thursday, or Friday. Only on wontdieone.blogspot!
Nites and God bless!

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