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| FYMT Part 4 : Pwede Pwede Pwede Pwede

Day 7. June 15, 2009. The contrasts of view.

from this..

to this..

We've just arrived in West Baguio Baptist Church, the church that Ps Joel, Ralph and Kim (you'll meet her shortly) are serving in. Upon arrival we were greeted Amos, the resident dog. After a nice breakfast we moved on to our task, which was to paint the Sunday School classroom. Wayne was leading.

famous an-amos

fewd for awl

don't be taking my ham away

After doing the 1 to 16 ratio, we started to paint.... and that was the end of it. Job well done mait~!


Our next destination was the market in town. This was no ordinary market for it was in this place, 60 to 70 percent of our stuffs. Little did we know that we were gonna come back here for another 4 to 5 times.

lonely wayne

lol cat cant see nutt-ehn

It was also in this market that our guide Kim, brought the lot of us to eat the famous One Day Old Chicken (ODOC). ODOC is marinated and deep fried. Every bit of it can be eaten, bones; chew-able. Yoke sack, still intact in the belly. *do click the wiki link above

Taste? The best part is definitely the head. Seraiusly~


pweese~~ don eat meeeee~

Having nothing to do the rest of the day, we headed to the biggest, open-aired mega shopping center in Baguio City, SM City. We walked there from the market.. and it was slightly drizzling but that did little to dampen our spirits. heh~ There, we tried the various previously suggested food and found them.... nyeh~

awesome acronym for an awesome mall

sausage wrapped in bacon.. it's Moderately Good Food®

nachos in cheese and etc.. MGF®

halo halo.. funky concoction and therefore can't be rated

jess' refusal to do the cat thing only inspired my creativity

kim, our lovely guide~
ralph: don't be deceived! she's a man!

Day 8. June 16, 2009. The night went by and soon morning dawned..

rolling clouds... like a rhinestone cowboiii

Ps Moon Tee gave us a tour around APTS. Showed off the bungalows of the professors, the library, different blocks, etc. Most interesting thing would be the well preserved 100 year old hut of which they would bring along should they shift their location.

SLO- i mean, YIELD!

stain glass in the library ground floor

100 year ol hut.. looks as old as a 50 year old

Later, we went to another bible college, PBTS (go figure on the acronym) where Bob and Celia took care of us. They brought us for lunch as well as the vocational program to make crafts as a source of income. Then we went to their house to watch a movie called End Of The Spear which was based on a book of the same name. The movie is based on the real life account of the 5 missionaries who went to Ecuador to try to save the Huaorani tribe there. The movie gave different names to the characters and the tribes and also added some... movie element to it too. All in all, it is a good film for evangelism and mission exciting-thingy but as for me, I'd stick to the documentary, Beyond the Gates of Splendor. *click for further reading


cue Sheldon's workforce-song-thingy

skilled labourer

pastor found herself the perfect man

bob and celia's house

Later that night, pastor wanted us to eat at a Mongolian buffet restaurant but she was unsure of the way. Cue the navigators to spring into action and surely enough, we reached... we... reached...


The basic principle is this. Choose your meats (chicken, beef, pork and chicken liver). Put in all the veggies you want. Put in the base seasoning (sugar water, soy sauce, oil). Put all the seasonings you want. They'll fry it all together and serve. Simple and delish~ (depending on how well you mix your seasonings)

the selecao'

the frying

the serving

It wasn't really something new to us as Malaysians but I guess it's worth a try, purely for phunnn~ Now I must retire with that bombshell.

Good nite peeps~

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