Monday, July 13, 2009

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First off, our beloved Ps Joel from Philippines was explaining to me the difference between bible colleges and cemeteries seminaries.
"Technically speaking, there’s a big difference with a Bible College and a Seminary. Some people use the terms interchangeably but a seminary is the next step above a Bible college. A college offers Bachelors' Degrees, while a seminary is graduate level offering Master's degrees and often Doctorates ".

Gotta love Ps Joel. Would love to be his student one day. hehe~


Well.. It's been almost 3 weeks since Final Year Mission Trip '09: Philippines. The 20 of us (including Ps TKC®) are back in Malaysia safe and sound and a lil' sick'ish here and there. No worries, no one was infected with the AH1N1 virus or as I like to call it, Ahini.

Most of us have completed our studies and are now either have a job or are jobless. A few exceptions; the special few of us are still studying. We're slow and dumb.

In any case, we came back to Malaysia exhausted from the journeying but yet filled, brimming with knowledge and experience. Ps TKC® said to me in the bus on the way down to Melaka (yea, i'm sitting next to her), "Now to return back to normal life and face the reality (of life)".

As much as we would love for this feeling, this energy to continue and last, life around us as we know it would tend to suck it all up and out of us and we would be no different from how we were before. Much like how we're energized in youth camps and later back to school, returning to the rascals that we are. But.. I guess for that to happen, it would only mean our initial focus and expectancy was wrong and/or the effort on our ptart wasn't enough. One-hit-wonders are dumb. This a journey, not a lottery ticket. Char Siew rocks.


Celebrated brother's birthday on one of the weekends at Sibaraku. No, we didn't eat at the teppanyaki. Instead, we ate at the sushi restaurant next to it. Same shop, different food.

dad and mom

mom's teppanyaki beef

the desserts, peanut ice cream, something & something

I'm a firm believer and practitioner of good value-to-price ratio. The food was good but the price wasn't worth it. There's a missing picture of a sashimi boat with 9 slices of assorted sashimies and it costs more then RM30++. Atmosphere was good but that's just about all there is to it.

Since returning, I've been serving for two weeks in a row already and I predict many more weeks to come too but that's not A Bad Thing®. To serve the Lord gives me much joy after all. Good to see that the church is still in one piece. No explosions nor disasters happened.

TKC®'s Tuggy

thank you for the wonderful time last sunday...

the planning continues..

Initially, my internship for Industrial Training programme was to start on the 1st of June but as I've decided to go for the FYMT'09, God opened doors for me to push my training date 3 weeks later and thus, I started my training on the 24th June which would mean that mine will end 3 weeks late too, on the 24th October. I'm currently doing my internship at Infineon (hopefully, God be willing, can get a job here in the future too). My department acronym would be IFMY IT OS DOA CS which stands for Infineon Malaysia Information Technology Operational Services Desktop Office & Automation Client Services. heh~

my desk..

So yea, my department is technically first level support but is actually level 1.5 or so. We fix things the helpdesk people can't fix. As for me, I'm currently under Back Office & Projects, meaning coding, etc. Fun stuff, really. Working at Infineon is rather normal I guess..

the usual police

the usual imprisonment

the usual POW gatherings

I kid about the above. The pics were taken on 3rd July, Friday. There was a bomb threat. The police came and everyone evacuated the buildings and waited at the car park for a good solid hour. Imagine, a solid hour of baking under the sun. Crisp~!

starbucks is back~ yay~!!

Yesterday (Saturday, June 11th), my family went to another Japanese restaurant to celebrate dad's burfday which is on June 13th. So yea,

Blessed Burfday Dad~!!

We went to one of my favourite high value-to-price, namely Sakura House. It's a house-cum-Japanese restaurant run by a Chinese - nice~

dad and mom.. again~

baby octopus

soft-shelled crabbie

pregnant, bone-friendly fish


The above sashimi costs RM30.. and it rocks. Hereby rated Some Good Food® due to its awesome taste and value-to-price ratio.

That's all I have for now. In this walk.. this journey of life that is ever straight and narrow, may God give us peace and grace anew all the day through.

Nite peeps~

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