Wednesday, July 15, 2009

| Hadoken~!

Brother got my dad and I early birthday presents. Knowing how my family has a tendency to go a little crazy with outdoor gears and DIY stuffs, bro got ourselves some firesteel.

How to use it? You take the flat piece of striker and firmly press down the fire-starter. Chant some magic words and whoallah~! (i dunno how to spell whoallah~), sparks will fly.
How does it work? It's because the striker is made out of ferrocerium. Ferrocerium is a man-made metallic material that has the ability to give off a large number of hot sparks when scraped against a rough surface aka pyrophoricity, such as ridged steel.

While ferrocerium-and-steels function in a similar way to actual flint-and-steel in fire starting, ferrocerium actually takes on the role that steel played in traditional methods: When small shavings of it are removed quickly enough, the heat generated by friction is enough to ignite those shavings. The sparks generated are in fact tiny pieces of burning metal. In traditional flint-and-steel fire-starting systems, using actual flint, tiny shavings of the steel that are removed in the striking process, rather than the actual flint, are what burn. The origin of its easy sparking is cerium's low temperature pyrophoricity, its ignition temperature occurring between 150 and 180 degrees celsius.

Eagle-eyed readers would notice that I copied this whole thing from wiki. yay~


Bundled up some tinder or as in my case, shredded tissue paper, stroke the striker (see what i did there?). Sparks fly and we have ourselves some fire boys. Of course, it would be easier if we would've just done a real hadoken like so;

yes, wayne.. it's finished and awaiting some pendrivesss~

Street Fighter IV is out and as expected, is one helluva hit amongst die-hard, rabid fans who can recite to you the entire history of Street Fighter and how it's superior than King of Fighters, etc etc. Fans, be glad to know it IS similar to Super Street Fighter II but with additional features as well. Will not delve much into details, just go play it.

no shitty PS3 or XBOX360 logos can stand against my shoooping skillz

Nite peeps~!

Peon: Work Work~

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Aarogon said...

nice pic... wait till i come back and we'll try taking another pic ok? hehehee...

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