Friday, July 17, 2009

| Portuguese Settlement v2.3

So yea, it has been awhile since I last step foot unto that little haven for the culturally mixed community. As I told my dad, maybe it's because there's no more need to come here but being here definitely brings back some old, old memories. What kind of old memories? Well..

notice the red car behind this white one? hehe

Bleh~ Reminiscing is a funny thing. It makes you look back and feel all warm, yet reminds you of your past failures and things that you lack - and how much you've grown, how far you've come.

Personally, I do like my first post ever on this blog though. hehe~
Sorry for going off track, will really talk about Portuguese Settlement on my next post. ><


Anonymous said...

The first picture in the post look very very fimiliar hor.. anyway, now u working in infineon? ur daughter went to australia ad, u know rite? u still contact with her?
Take care.. wish your dad for me blessed belated birthday:p

God bless

WontdieonE said...

:) yea it does~ had a lot of fun in the first pic~

i'm now training in infineon. will graduate next year june.

yea~ caroanne is in australia ad but haven't contacted her for a long time too~ ><

hehehe~ ya shud wish him urself laa~ i bet he'll like that more..

Anonymous said...

wah, not like u ler from ur reply. i ask one question and u will reply 1 sentence. hah.. anyway from ur post, seems that u want to forget that 'old' memory more thn remember it... lol...

contact her la... now got facebook ad. easy contact, plus u both so active in facebook. Anyway thanks for the encouragement in my status ya...

aiyooo... i pai seh to wish ur dad ma... but tell him, i still remember his birth date de... hehe:)

send my regards to them ya... dun ask me to send to them myself la... thanks

WontdieonE said...

hehe~ i dont mean that i want to forget those memories. they were ever nice memories to me ya noe~ :)

a lot has changed since then too and you're the one whom sparked that change in me. :)

she got facebook meh?? cannot find her oso???

actually i wanted to sms ya rather thn put on ur status.. but dunno whether i shud or not :)

in anycase, ya, i'll send my parents ur regards~

Anonymous said...

did i sent out previous comment? anyway, can juz drop me msg anytime la... hope u got my right number la.. :)

WontdieonE said...

its still the same old number rite? 016998****

Anonymous said...

no... sorry, it's 016-6604485... but might change it soon, as certain reason.. lol:) so temporary still this lo...

WontdieonE said...

hehe~ change so often :)
lemme know ur new no. la k?
mine is always the same~ :D

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