Sunday, June 04, 2006

| it's been a looooong week

I haven't been updating for these past few days. *Everyone shouts D-UHH!* Yea, yea, whatever. Call it a dry spell or winter spell or.. stuff, but I just can't find that Ooomph~ needed to blog something blog-worthy. It feels like Austin Powers when he lost his mo-jo in Austin Powers 2. Yea, it kinda sucks.

Well, I'll still blame this wholes mess on the lousy broadband quality of Malaysia, or specifically, my taman. Ya. That should do it. *clicks around* Oh wait, looks like no one updated their blogs. No clue as to what's going on in their life. So I guess it'll just be me, myself and I again, alone in the darkness of cyberspace that's filled with so much crap I can't begin to talk about shit yet.

Wow, you guy's just read that without stopping. Way to go~ In anycase..

Good nite peeps~

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