Saturday, September 29, 2007

| fever (it ish da ark-zam) - remix

rachel can't get married buuuut.. JOEL CAN!! Whoohooo~!

Was chilling with my dad the other day. Ya-noe, breakin' it down with ma' homie-yo~ *ahem* Anyway, so we were around Bukit Beruang area and lo-and-behold, we stumbled upon a beautiful lake with lots and lots of furry bunnies, ponies, unicorns and happy people!

Okay, I kinda made a mountain out of a molehill. Thank you Ms Word for the giving the synonymous word for 'exaggerate' - we're all learning everyday *cheerful smile that you see on kids TV program*. Back to the lake, so it was overlooking Melaka Mall and so I took the opportunity and shot a few pics.

gotta lurve the new lake

Wha? Who would wanna take pics of bunnies, ponies and unicorns anyway? Weird.

Anyway~ The exam fever has reached level critical amongst MMU students and even the CFers are affected by it. People infected have poured out so much on their studies that they are left with zero brain usage for normal lives. Communication with infected people seemed almost impossible. The Broca's area; a specific part of the brain that is involved in language processing, speech production, and comprehension seemed to be not functioning. Motor functions are also impaired, such as the subject below;

poor guy..

Kudos to whoever who took that pic (can't really remember but best bet being Joash). My dear Joash, good things comes to those who wait. *smiles*

Since it's the exam season, the greatest ally to any coffee-drinking students would be, well, coffee. As such, it's sure a great thing to my daily coffee throughout the whole day. Having a dad in such a business sure has its perks and it is one helluva perk. heh~

ahhh~ 4 shot cafe' latte with vanilla syrup - delish'

I shall end this post now and get back to photoshopping joash's pic over some hot babe studying.. yea~ But before I take my leave, here's a lil' something for you guys out there who enjoys the TV series House as much as my family and I do. Beware of the fever~

Heh~ Good nite peeps and study smart!

p.s. avoid attempts to play fast electric guitar solos with an acoustic guitar

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Anonymous said...

haha. u also know about Broca's area eh? hehe.. I got study about this in my course also. Maybe we can have deeper discussion on that next time. Haha.. Erm.. the guy on the picture "House" is u?! Haha. Funny lar..
All the best in ur final exam. Miss ya. =)
-shu lin-

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