Monday, December 24, 2007

| the end of cafe's

Twas a fine lovely day. The presence of the wind is revealed by the leafs on the trees, as in the likeness the image of faith. As such, I had faith that it would be a good day that's full of blessings and joy.

it's in my mind's eye

Malacca's Dataran Pahlawan aka DP. A fresh new sight to an aging town that's fill with nothing more than old stuff and old people. Our journey led us to DP's Hong Kong restaurant, neighbors of Starbucks DP. Pointed out that their smiles in the posters look reaaaaly fake. Seriously. That's a bad, half-hearted smile.

post-aCt cravings

Later that night after an evening of shopping here and there, we were cracking our skulls and pulling out our brains to decide where to have dinner. First choice was an 'authentic' Japanese restaurant nearby Wok & Pan called Yamato (p.s. speaking bad english doesn't make you japanese), second choice was Planet Cafe' which is nearby Friend's Cafe (recommended by Julain). We drove past Yamato, see see, look look, and drove to Planet Cafe'. Counted 5 seconds and decided to head to a familiar place instead, Friend's Cafe.

expensive maggie mee

It sucked. Economy and greed does sucky things to good cafe's. Friend's Cafe shrunk their menu - again, leaving us with nothing to order that's worth the price we were gonna pay. I was disappointed. We arose from our seats and headed to Biz Lounge instead, hoping that salvation for our hungry stomachs awaits us there.

mushroom and shark fin (insert chinese name)

First thing we noticed was that they changed their table positioning a lil bit. We then noticed that, it sucked too. Previously their menu was filled with awesome, tantalizing assortments and choices of food but now, like Friend's Cafe', they've reduced their uniqueness and chosen the path of, Chicken-Chop-Fish-&-Chips-we-suck-bad. Now that was a major disappointment to me especially. No more CG outings here.

Alas, we crashed and burned and moved our butts down to good ol' and faithful Amigo's Steak and Gill (that's what it says on their board at night). Ordered our food and chow down without any restraints and with full of sadness that good cafe's like Friends and Biz Lounge had become greedy sell-outs.

chicken gordon blue

asam pedas with fish slices

fish with garlic sauce

cajun chicken (regretted ordering this stuff)

Following day, went to church and I realize that I had not notice the big cross that's hung on the wall above the stairs. It stopped me on my tracks, captivated me and beckons me to look at it.

the wondrous cross

shooo kiut

Had lunch, got caught in the super-short-and-heavy rain, went home, and cleaned up the entire house. Fell sick, slept, woke up and went to Loi's Bak Kut Teh for dinner. As dad says, "Sick people should eat soupy stuff". Can't help but agree on that one. Beef in spicy soup.. mm mmm~

that's how ya eat it

So much for post-aCt cum Christmas spirit.
Body and emotions feeling rather weird now.
Good nite peeps~

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