Friday, December 21, 2007

| WARNING! post aCt - 37 pics

breakfast to kick off D-Day

Yes, it's finally here. The morning of 19th December, the real D-Day, the day where month's worth of practice shall show it's fruit and God's faithfulness shall be revealed. It's time to aCt.

got one?

*face melting-shreddahhh*

I could almost say the day flew by so fast, that I barely noticed the amount of work we did, from arranging chairs, to setting up banners, equipments, sound tests, and make up. Before you know it, it's already 1 hour to the start of the event.

chairs chairs and more chairs

can't you see the invisible cloak?

the small corner for musicians

you know how artistic works are made more famous..

..when the artist is dead?

From here on, I couldn't take any more pictures because my hands were tied up along with the rest of the musicians, playing the jazz and blues. But to sum up how well the pre-show was, after our beloved Esther sang the O Holy Night carol, the crowd gave a loud applause. I'd vote her voice any day. Right Eshter? *smiles*

Then the show starts...


...and the show ends~

Crowd applause, shakes hands and greets, lalala, good nite!
Then, the fun part came - pictures.
Tons and tons of pictures. Sucking up entire bandwidth of nations that could've been used to house the sick and feed the hungry or even channel through a fund to research for the betterment of mankind. But alas, it was not to be anything more than for our measly pleasure of taking picture of self. heh~

ohana means family

the girl who sang O Holy Night

lovely daughter - one of the Eight

pasar malam seller

beloved sister

cute CG member

hot chi-mui

"you so hot, you burn!"

faithful, promising gal

sexay gal of the Eight

. . . . .

ya did great~ *pats head*

noc4 bassist aka daddy

the Stage singing competition champion

loo-sheers - Director of a Christmas thingy production

the protoge' - if pronounced wrongly, it'll sound like proto-gay

friend, brother

omg! twins!!

omg! sisters!!

ZX who missed the bacon

the girls

the boy band

the back-side bad side people

apm - awesome props management

the Eight

the Band

the Main cast (where's LingLi?!)

But on the serious note. Beyond the fun and laughters, beyond fellowship and hardships, beyond all that we expect and hope for - this play, this presentation is for You my God and King. May You touch the hearts and lives of those who came and watched that they may know the true meaning of Christmas and call upon You as their savior.

And I sincerely pray from the bottom of my heart that you, my dear friend, would one day come to know the love of God; the love of Christ who died for you, just as He did for me and may you one day accept Him and your Lord and Savior. :)

miss ya~

Well, that's 37 pics for a post. A new record I think. I'm awesomely tired so I'm gonna crash now.

Good night and God bless peeps~


shulin286 said...

Thanks, my dearest friend. I am glad that I did come to support ya. The event is really a great success!!! Well done!
Thanks for the christmas party last night. CF friends are very nice!! Hehe.
Have a good rest, my dear dear friend. Hehe. Miss ya. =)

Anonymous said...

I'm there but u can see me because i am wearing the INVISIBLE CLOAK :P

p/s-u got my name wrong

Anonymous said...

sorry,is can't

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