Tuesday, December 18, 2007

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As the day for aCt'ing draws near, everything is falling into place. People, props, publicity, and pancakes. Yeap, all of them are falling into place.

es-ther-dear and el-vie

Had a literally, sleepless Thursday night finishing up some dumb program, a fun Saturday, and a tiring Sunday. Wait.. actually, everyday is a tiring day for me. Guess that what you get for being hot me.

by the way, that was my dinner on Thursday night

loowee playing with handphone during service..tsk tsk~

Thankfully, despite the busy schedule, the amount of undeniable stress and workload, I still manage to find some time to enjoy the good things in life. Like Starbucks, and this Taiwan fried-food fast-food thingy nearby Starbucks in Dataran Pahlawan that sells this really big fried chicken chop for RM5.50 that's just delish'. It's so good, it's really Some Good Food®.

Grande' Caramel Latte' - xtra frothy

reminded me to take CG members meet Darth Ma-Lak

certified Some Good Food®

Can faith to believe spur a hope that saves and a love that redeems?

I guess only time will tell..

See ya in Main Hall on Wednesday, 19th December 2007.
Good nite peeps~

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