Sunday, December 09, 2007

| ulti-coffee

In the Liu family, there is never a shortage of coffee - NEVER. It's like the kick-start for the cold engine. It's like our mojo. It's the essence of our power. Without it, think kryptonite.

coffee unlimited

Anyway, some updates. Midterm's over; gone-with-the-wind, passing of gas, gas-gas adi. As of today, aCt: The Invisible Cloak is only TEN DAYS AWAY. The Band's last practice will be tomorrow on Monday as the following week we can't practice due to circumstances.. great. *sigh* Still, we're gonna fight!

this is awesome

Draft schedule for finals are out bringing with it a joyous angelic chorus of cries and despair from the multitude of MMU students, bashing their keyboards with their heads. Sometimes I think that them MMU admin got an insidious trump card up thei-

5000 points if you can spot all characters - click pic

That's all for tonight~ Get some sleep and for those involved in aCt, pull up ur pants/skirt/undies/tight-panties and give you best to the big G. hehe~

Nite peeps~


shulin286 said...

Wah.. coffee.. I am allergic to Nescafe. I still remember that I had a sleepless night until 4 am last time because of it. Haha...

mark c. said...

there' sonic the hedgehog, yoshi, mario, the HALO guy, zelda, the Halflife 2 specky guy, a assault trooper from starwars, is that lara bending down?, the lil girl from fear? or the girl from fatal frame?, i'm guessing the big black guy is from neon genesis evangelion or d.gray men. not too sure, there's a few DOA characters, i swear the guy jumping down looks like he's from farcry, there a brontosaurus, a couple of unrecognizable monsters and an alien pod from war of the worlds? no idea who is the guy op top of long neck or the girl in black near long neck's leg. guy to the left of blackie from counterstrike's terrorist's fraction?

so how many points do i score? :p

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