Thursday, December 06, 2007

| the twisted tails

who says girls cant do bass? heh~

DD has added a few names to wontdieone.
Behold, the great evolution of wontdieone!


That girl's a true genius and with that, we'll celebrate you, the genius who made up all those names in honor of wontdieone.

only two weeks left people!

In the midst of unsuspectingly cleaning a harmless-looking cpu..
Murder was discovered..

dusting dusting dusting..

The sound of sweet blues being played echoed down the empty hall of the house.. Like a knife cutting through melting butter, "AH GOOOOOOOOOOONG!!", Deb-dear screamed.. I immediately rushed to her aid- after placing my guitar nicely down on the sofa, wiping the string and frets, polishing the body to give it a gooood shine, and lastly, switching off the amp, as her scream sounded very urgent.

"ah gong.. is that.. what i think it is..?"

A frighten child clutched my arms.. I shielded her from the horror that was in front of her, it was more than she could handle.. "It's okay sweetie, they're all gone now.." and a cold chill of plagiarism and piracy caught me for a moment.. I took her outside while continuing my investigation - it's more serious than I initially thought.

after digging a little bit more..

There are only so many skeletons one can hide in one's power supply unit..
and this one..
*wears shades* has no skin left to hide.
*cue music*

think ju-on: long-haired girl crawling down the stairs
now.. think rotten lizards crawling out of your psu instead

I pried out the dead body without tampering with the evidence.. things were looking pretty grim for Deb-dear as if "guilty", would be the only phrase coming out of her mouth.. or Merilyn but since she not here, Deb-dear will have to say it instead.. I searched in the psu for any trace of evidence when suddenly..


I saw another one.. right in the corner.. entangled in the wires.. It looked much older than the one I just took out.. Only bones remained.. Skillfully and carefully, I retrieved the dead bones and present the evidence before Deb-dear.

uh.. hi dad.. ya lost weight?

In such long winding sentences and unbelievably heavy load of pictures on the servers during the midst of mid-terms, one would wonder when this post is ever gonna end.. Or at least that's what Deb-dear would've wanted. I could see the guilt sparkle in her tiny, cute, panda-like eyes.. "What was the motive of such murder?".. Questions that keep me up at night.

envy.. jealousy, perhaps?

"Uh uh.. not guilty", she muttered but her words carry little weight.. It's almost impossible to sweep this one under the rug.. Unless of course, she wore a tight leather police uniform and held a whip in her hands.. but that's a different story.. "It was not jealousy.." "What?" I cut my thoughts, reacting to her words.. "I kill for jealous reasons..", she said.. Scenarios and possible outcomes were analyzed in my mind, using the pathetic SDLC methods I had to use in my paper last night.. "I.. I did it out of.."







The end..

As how most stupid story ends, it hangs.
Good nite peeps~ heh~

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