Saturday, February 02, 2008

| first time to bask in rob bins

you chean's cg celebrated belated birthdays

The first CG of the semester and for me personally was quite a blurr through it all. Sent out usual sms's earlier in the morning. Met up at 7pm and chatted with the early CF'ers. Took a moment to be quiet for awhile and realize just how loud we are and how there were certain people sitting alone with no one talking to them.

youis' shirt.. Lame Logo

Catalyst CG had a lot of people though technically in paper its still less than half of what it should be. In total we had nine (bold for the extra emphasis) peeps that night. ZX's back from his attachment (miss him!!), Hui Yin came and she brought Yokebet along too and finally, the new intake dude from Kuantan, Dr. Phil. They're all a ton of fun to hang out with.

invasion of other cg due to our super win

The girls were almost literally begging to go to Baskin Robbins since it's the 31st and they have their annual 31% discount. So, after a nice cheap meal in Lao Lao Sang, we grabbed some Some Good Food® or as in this case, some good ice-cream. Read; I soooooo lurveee coookies and creaaaaamm~ My one and only favourite ice-cream! Hope ya'll had fun~

so much love in one tiny container-thingy

I guess that's all for tonight.

By the way, Youis is a sunflower.

"this is the deeiiiyyyy~~"

Heh~ Luv ya bro. Once, again, happy belated birthday.

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shulin286 said...

The t-shirts are so cute!!!
Hehe.. I am back to Johor for CNY celebration d.
Missing ya, my dear friend.
Take care ya. =)

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