Wednesday, February 20, 2008

| bsad.. be very sad..


Brothers and Sisters Appreciation Day aka BSAD is the annual celebration of fellowship between brothers and sisters in MMUcf where both brothers and sisters would do lovely, nice things to/for each other. Awww~~

the sister's boss - Merilyn

And on the brother's side, we have Fefe to run the show.

The sisters started it off with a sketch and song performances while we happily ate our hotdogs and mushroom soup. Mushroom soups rawks my boat by the way.

girls and boys; matters in shopping, food and movies

matters in soccer

the uncanny resemblance to the lulu twins

omg omg omg!! its esther siow from aCt!!

finalle song by the sisters

Then came the brothers turn to dish out corporal punishment.
Wayne: Corporal Punishment! be nice and stuff. I shall not talk about what the guys did. I'll leave it to the girls to post about it. Hehe~

Some of them even cried!!- For us!

(off-caps; cruise control for cool)

so near yet.. so far~

Back to commercials.

new working people models

im soooo gonna use that face

Well. Honestly, I didn't really felt keen to come but I'm glad I did. Actually it's more like I had to. heh~ Still, I wonder what in the world I was thinking to miss out something as cool as this. Hmmmm..

Good nite peeps~

p.s. God bless ya, sistah's! i truly appreciate ya'll~

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