Sunday, February 24, 2008

| Power Night with PG165

If you haven't heard of these guys then dude, open your ears and hear the screaming chorus of heavenly tones! PG165 rockin' in da' house!! Introducing..


A group of uni-mates formed a band in 2004 to compete in MMU's Battle Of The Bands. They were 1st runner-up and were awarded Best Vocalist, Best Drummer, and Best Original Song. Above all, they sang about the BIG J.C. and that, my dear friends, is cool. Check out their blogspot, myspace and their upcoming website (launching parallel with their EP).

rocking da house

Last night PG165 was a guest band for CCC's Saturday Night Special: Power Night. A special service targeted at youths around Melaka and beyond. Yes, beyond. Yo cyber-peeps who came down! Anyway, PG165 is;

corner-stone of every band: VJ on drums

tempo-keeper: ZX on bass

master-groovist: korean Deric on keys

funk-provider: already taken Justin on axe

solo-shredder: Jason on lead and vocals

The night started with some good ol' ice breaking session, complementary of Wayne and myself. Squirrels, Trees and Earth quake ALWAYS does the trick. Then PG165 took the stage and blasted-off with Salvation Is Here and Take It All. Short games followed.

justin and his volume-o stick-meter

Once the crowd is past warmed-up near teh-hot stage, the band kicked off with their own songs some which are available on their myspace. Then Justin came up again to give some love to the crowd and advised us all to not be emo.

all you need is love

After a time of sharing and ministering, they ended the whole event with another good dose of rocking praise songs. All in all, it was a great event. How do I know, you ask? Here's how,

the girls dig it

the (scandalous) couples dig it

young fans dig it

zx digs it

cyberians dig it

and they wanted more

So yea, it was fun. PG165 ftw!!

Nitez and outz!

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