Monday, February 11, 2008

| i wanna wake up

As quickly as the festivities built up, it ends. Chinese New Year 2008 officially over and the continuation of the semester continues.. Right.

serve tea, give blessings..

..and collect ang pau

I think I'm really getting old (we all are btw), because CNY is beginning to feel so.. routine'ish, in a negative way. No magic in it. No that much of excitement in meeting families and cuzzies. No looking forward to collecting ang paus. Nothing.

Sad eh?

But thankfully, there's always Some Good Food® and drinks to make me feel better. As much as I try to stuff myself up like a mindless glutton machine, I still get comments like, "Waaa~ You grow so much thinner already eh?". Blame the metabolism thingies.

old school hakka dishes (except the sau rou)

vodka with.. juice equals..

As with tradition, we'll visit father's side relatives on the 1st day of the CNY, mom's side on the 2nd, friends etc on the 3rd and so forth. To me, the only highlight of CNY is the chance to go back to Asahan; my place of solace and refuge.

everything here stays almost the same

cuzzies grown older

Back when I was a kid, we'd stay over at Asahan for a night or two as all of us were small and could easily fit in the living room. Those were truly fun times. Midnight card games where the loser gets powdered, colgate sleeping cuzzies, and other goodies. Now we're all grown up, losing our child-like conscious. heh~ In fact, one of my cousin whom I'm closer to gave birth to a healthy baby girl 9 days ago and she was so sad because she can't follow her siblings back to Asahan. Time sure flies.

welcome to the world, Joelle

gloria's second year at asahan

I wish I'd remember how to enjoy the simple things in life like Chinese New Year, Christmas, birthdays and good ol' holidays again. :)

How was your CNY?

The left behinds..

crosses fingers in fear of not getting new guitar

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shulin286 said...

Wah.. serving tea for parents in Chinese New Year. Hehe..
Looks like I have the same feelinf like you do in this CNY. It's like a yearly event that no much excitement to look forward. How I wish I can find back the feeling we used to have when we were kids. Hehe...Go back to the simple-minded life.
Happy Chinese New Year again to you, my dear friend. =)

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