Thursday, March 27, 2008

| enhancing the asam pedas taste

I've been having this nut-cracking irritant that has driven me nuts many times since last week. Every time I have the urge to eat something very delicious, I'm reminded of this thorn.. this.. cancer.. this.. ulcer, on my tongue.

hot curry chicken

Today, I cracked. I gave up on withholding my inner-cravings for saltish, oily and spicy food. So what about the ulcer? I'm a man. A MAN I TELL YA! And men won't let no stinking tongue-ulcer get in their way of their food.


Besides, mom's curry asam pedas fish is rawking. How could I ever say no to that?

tasty full-o-tau-you duck noodles

Not only that, during the one week mid-term break, I almost lost my middle toenail due to a mishap of feet and strong iron. They don't really mix well, feet and iron. Take my word on that. Till now, it's still black but the nail refuse to fall off or rot off and stuff. Feel like taking the pliers to pull 'em out.

break free?

Other than that, last Tuesday CF, I realize how long it has been since I last played in CF. Well.. it's not thaaaaat long but long to me nonetheless. In fact, I don't recall ever serving alongside J.Lee. My hands were a lil' rusty, just a lil' on the chord handling but not too bad thankfully.

epic cap of knowledge and wisdom

Lastly, earlier this evening (Wednesday), after a day or two of postponing cleaning up grandpa and grandma's grave due to the heavy rains, our family of four packed up all the equipment we need and headed down to Krubong to pay our respect to our beloved grandparents. Was reminiscing a little on those times I fed my grandfather ice cream. He likes 'em vanilla ice cream. *sigh*

flames out to heaven

Rather busy yet not that busy week. Right now I'm down with flu and sore throat. So yea, rather eventful week. Broken nail, tongue ulcer, flu and sore throat. Wonder whats next. >.<

Blessed Burfdays KP, ZX, and Su Be~!!

Nite peeps~

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shulin286 said...

Broken blacky nail, tongue ulcer, flu and sore throat... Wah... I think the tongue ulcer is the worst one. Hehe... Take care ya, my dear friend. Hope there will be nothing happen on u after this.
Yaya. Don worry. I will tell ya when I am back to West M'sia. Missing ya here, too.
Remember to drink plenty of water. Hope you will get well soon. =)

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